Saturday, 25 June 2016

Pokémon series: #013 - 015

Ahh, we're into the scary side of the early-game bug types. I always liked Beedrill's design because it seemed so intimidating (I'm both terrified of and allergic to wasps), but sadly it's pretty weak in-game. It was much more fun to paint than to battle with.

As usual these are available to buy in my online shop. Due to my country having inexplicably just voted to commit economic and political suicide, it is a great time to order from the USA because the pound is very weak and the exchange rate is good!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Pocket Witches: Humblebee and Liliwen

I said to look out for more Pocket Witches, so here are some! These were designed as a gift for my little sister.

The Pocket Witches now also have a fixed backstory: Pocket Witches are magical creatures about the size of your hand, who gain their powers from positive human emotions. They spend their time trying to make humans happy, and when they're born they take on the shape of something that brings happiness to a nearby human. They choose their names themselves, so they can be named anything from 'Lucy' to 'Paint Water' depending on what takes their fancy. If you're feeling sad, maybe a Pocket Witch will visit you and try to help!

So here is Humblebee, who took the shape of a bluebell, and Liliwen who took the shape of a daffodil.

Pokémon series: #010 - 012

We're out of the starters and into the early bug-types! I always liked this set because they're all very tough, and Butterfree learns psychic moves long before you find any psychic-type pokémon. It's an all-round good choice of bug.

The originals are available to buy in my shop, as usual.

Pokémon series: #007 - 009

The third and final set of starter pokémon for the Pokémonathon! These ones were a little harder because, I'll be honest, an animal that's just a big rigid ball with nubby legs is hard to pose. I'm very pleased with them now they're finished though!

The original paintings are available to buy in my shop, as usual.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Pokémon series: #004 - 006

Here are the second set of paintings for the Pokémonathon! I always choose the fire type starter, no questions asked. This is probably a terrible gaming tactic but I love them too much to reconsider.

The original ACEO-size paintings are available in my shop.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Pokémon Series: #001 - 003

Here's something I've wanted to do for ages, the Pokémonathon! It's a challenge to draw all 151 gen. 1 pokémon in order. I don't generally have the free time to play video games, but I grew up with Pokémon and I still optimistically buy the new games when they come out. I do finally have enough time to commit to this challenge though! I'm painting them as watercolour ATC/ACEO cards (2.5 x 3.5 inches).

So here are the first 3! A Bulbasaur scrumping apples, an Ivysaur using Sweet Scent, and a Venusaur lounging in the sun.

I also have the original paintings, seen here together in all their teeny-tiny glory, available in my shop.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Pocket Witch Camellia

I'm very pleased to be able to show these to you! A while ago one of my friends was going through a rough time, and I designed this little mascot character to cheer her up. Originally I planned to keep her entirely private, but my friend actually encouraged me to share her in my portfolio, which was extremely kind of her! She also encouraged me to design more of the same type of character, so while Camellia won't be appearing again without permission, look out for more Pocket Witches in the future!

So here is Pocket Witch Camellia, appearing in 8 postcards sent to my friend, dispensing advice and encouragement. The advice itself was very personal so I've left the speech bubbles blank, but otherwise these are exactly as they appeared on the finished cards.